Codemoji Kids Coding Glossary of Vocabulary Cards

Codemoji Programming Vocabulary cards for educators, parents and students. The vocabulary cards are designed to be a fun way to learn new coding vocabulary. The vocabulary cards can be printed and downloaded for use in the classroom or at home.

HTML Download

Hypertext Markup Language tag based programming language

HTML Vocabulary Card

HTML5 Download

An app built with CSS, JavaScript and HTML

Hex Color

Hex Color Download

Hexadecimal color code # plus 6 characters: #00FF55

rbg color vocabulary

RGB Color Download

Combines red,green and blue i.e. rgb(0,255,90)

CSS vocabulary card

CSS Download

Cascading Style Sheet, adds rules used to style websites & apps

Javascript vocabulary card

Javascript Download

A programming language used in most websites

border radius vocabulary

Border Radius Download

Makes the corners of a rectangle rounder

String vocabulary card

String Download

text, used inside of quotes i.e. "tex" or 'text'

Path vocabulary card

Path Download

Location of a file or folder on your computer or system


Refresh Download

reload the content of webpage or window

syntax vocabulary

Syntax Download

Rules for how to write a programming language

hover vocabulary card

Hover Download

When a user rolls their mouse over an element with an active hover effect

Debug vocabulary

Debug Download

When a user rolls their mouse over an element with an active hover effect

bug vocabulary

Bug Download

An error in the app

runtime vocabulary

Run Time Download

The period of time when a program is running

Default vocabulary

Default Download

The values automatically used when an app runs

CSS Height vocabulary

Height Download

How tall an element or object is

CSS width vocabulary

Width Download

How die an element or object is

if statement vocabulary

If Statement Download

If true do these action

null vocabulary

Null Download

Empty, no value exists

boolean vocabulary

Boolean Download

A value that is either true or false

loop function vocabulary

Loop Download

Doing the same actions again and again

scale vocabulary

Scale Download

Sets the zoom or size of item

function vocabulary

Function Download

A bit of code that can be used again and again to perform actions

pixels function vocabulary

Pixels Download

Units of distance on digital canvas

scale vocabulary

Opacity Download

Making an element more or less see through

algorithm vocabulary

Algorithm Download

A set of steps to solve a problem